Utah Medical Providers

The following medical providers have experience treating families with hereditary colon cancer syndromes. ​We cannot make recommendations about specific physicians, attest to the credentials of these providers, nor do we evaluate their competency to practice. Furthermore, their inclusion on this website, or any referral to a provider from the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation, should not be considered an endorsement of any type.  ​


If you do not see​ providers ​near you, we can still help. Click​ HERE for names of​ genetic​ counselors who offer phone and web-based counseling. Or, if you give us some information about yourself and/or your family member(s), and tell us where you are located, we will do our best to find someone near you. Click HERE to contact us.

If you are a ​provider, experienced in treating patients with Hereditary Colon Cancer Syndromes, click ​HERE to register.



Intermountain Medical Center (801) 507-3975

Heather Wiles, Genetic Counselor



Intermountain Healthcare (801) 387-7484

Nykole Sutherland, Genetic Counselor



Intermountain Healthcare (801) 357-7575

Whitney Espinel, Genetic Counselor


Salt Lake City

Huntsman Cancer Institute (801) 581-7316

Cathryn Koptiuch, Genetic Counselor

Wendy Kohlmann, Genetic Counselor

Jewel Samadder, MSc, MD, Gastroenterologist

Bryony Thompson, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow


Primary Children's Hospital - Pediatric Gastroenterology (801) 662-1000

Stephen L. Guthrey, MD, MS, Pediatric Gastroenterologist


St. George 

Intermountain Health Care/Dixie Regional Medical Center (435) 862-0120

Tamra Holloway, RN, CWOCN