DNA Dude Dash

A Selfie 5K

Dude Approved Prizes!!!

Raise $5,000


Win a Fitbit Flex with optional Road ID.  Even the DNA Dude wants one of these bad boys!

Raise $500


Want to be as hip as the DNA Dude? Snag this luxurious tri-blend fabric designed with a trendy sleeve. This shirt will soon become your new favorite!

Raise $2,500


You will feel absolutely incredible with a DNA Dude massage. Gift card value of $100, DNA Dude not included.

Raise $200


Give your keys the perfect gift. This 2-inch metal key chain is designed to be a conversation starter. It also makes for a fun stocking stuffer.

Raise $1,500


The DNA Dude caught a Yeti! A Yeti cup that is. This tumbler is ready for your next epic adventure. 

Raise $100


If you are looking for a gift to share with your friends and families, look no further than this fabulous DNA Dude Sticker. This sticker is 4X6 inches, vinyl, and removable. (5 Pack)

**Larger prizes may be substituted for the equal value of smaller prizes.**

It's up to you... the DNA Dude is social, for sure.

Recruit some friends, join a pre-existing team or just frolick with the Dude. Register today!

You can take the

DNA Dude anywhere.

Seriously... ANYWHERE!

This is the selfie

opportunity of a lifetime.

So tell us where you'll take him!

Hereditary colon cancer affects 1 in 270 people... YOU can make a difference in their lives, even if 5Ks are not your thing!

Start Fundraising!

Why should you run with the DNA Dude?


Raising money to improve the lives of those born with with a nasty genetic disorder not enough for you? Ok... how about the opportunity to design your own 5k adventure, competing online with hundreds of the DNA Dude's best friends for the most creative selfie, all while getting in some much deserved fresh air?


We know the DNA Dude ROCKS. That's why you need to join him! 


He's running to empower families to increase their quality of life.

He's running to enable health care providers to extend patients' lives. Will you join him and instill hope in families affected by hereditary cancer?


p.s. Every $25 raised gives 5 families access to important resources AND provides free education on hereditary colon cancer syndromes to medical students.

Questions? Contact Shawnie at


or call 312.560.5830

Proceeds benefit the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation


We find it UNACCEPTABLE that 80% of individuals with a hereditary colon cancer syndrome are diagnosed AFTER they have cancer.

Through early detection, a person's cancer risk can be significantly reduced and, in some cases, eliminated all together! Proceeds from the DNA Dude Dash will support programs that will increase awareness of these conditions, improve provider education, and empower families who have the GUTS to take control of their lives!


The Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose vision is to be a beacon of light - extending life expectancy, enhancing life quality, and instilling hope in those born with hereditary colon cancer syndromes.

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 Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation is a registered charitable organizations and tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

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