Pennsylvania Medical Providers

The following medical providers have experience treating families with hereditary colon cancer syndromes. ​We cannot make recommendations about specific physicians, attest to the credentials of these providers, nor do we evaluate their competency to practice. Furthermore, their inclusion on this website, or any referral to a provider from the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation, should not be considered an endorsement of any type. 


If you do not see​ providers ​near you, we can still help. Click​ HERE for names of​ genetic​ counselors who offer phone and web-based counseling. Or, if you give us some information about yourself and/or your family member(s), and tell us where you are located, we will do our best to find someone near you. Click HERE to contact us.

If you are a ​provider, experienced in treating patients with Hereditary Colon Cancer Syndromes, click ​HERE to register.



Blair Gastroenterology Associates (814) 946-5469

Bonnie Mazzei, BSN, RN, GCN



St. Luke's University Health Network (610) 628-8010

Andrea Smith, Genetic Counselor


Bryn Mawr

Main Line Health (484) 565-4363

Jamie Z. Mushlin, MS, Licensed Cancer Genetic Counselor



Geisinger Medical Center, Genomic Medicine (570) 214-2637

Misha Rashkin, Cancer Genetic Counselor

Heather Rocha, Cancer Genetic Counselor



Penn State Hershey Medical Center (717) 531-1631

Maria Baker, Genetic Counselor, Medical Geneticist, Associate Professor

Rio Stenner, Licensed Genetic Counselor



St. Mary Medical Center (215) 710-4511

Dana Falcone, Genetic Counselor



Main Line Health (484) 565-4363

Rachael T. Brandt, PhD, Licensed Cancer Genetic Counselor

Christina M. Nixon, MS, Licensed Cancer Genetic Counselor



Main Line Health (484) 565-4363

Rachael T. Brandt, PhD, Licensed Cancer Genetic Counselor

Kallyn Stumm, MS, Licensed Cancer Genetic Counselor



Fox Chase Cancer Center (877) 627-9684

Andrea Forman, Genetic Counselor

Michael Hall, MD, MS, Medical Oncologist


Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson (800) 533-3669

Lisa Capparella, Manager, Patient Resource Center


Thomas Jefferson University (215) 503-2196

Colette Hyatt, Genetic Counselor

David Kastenberg, MD, Gastroenterologist

David Loren, MD, Gastroenterologist


University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (800) 789-7366

Amanda Brandt, MS, Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor

Cara Cacioppo, Genetic Counselor 

Dana Farengo-Clark, MS, Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor

Bryson Katona, MD, PhD, Gastroenterologist

Jessica Long, Genetic Counselor

Danielle McKenna, MS, Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor

Jacquelyn Powers, MS, Licensed Certified Genetic Counselor

Anil Rustig, MD, Gastroenterologist

Kirk Wangensteen, MD, PhD, Gastroenterologist



Allegheny Health Network (412) 681-4401

Megan Marshall, Certified Genetic Counselor, Internist

Maureen May, Genetic Counselor


Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (412) 692-5325

Michael Morowitz, MD, FACS, Pediatric Surgeon


UPMC Hereditary GI Program (800) 454-8156

Beth Dudley, Genetic Counselor


University of Pittsburgh (412) 648-9115

Randall Brand, MD, Gastroenterologist

Savreet Sarkaria, MD, Gastroenterologist



Crozer-Keystone Health System (610) 447-2678

Colette Hyatt, Licensed Genetic Counselor



Allegheny Health Network, Cancer Genetics (878) 332-4401

Jacqueline Hoover, Genetic Counselor



Main Line Health Center Risk Assessment and Genetics Program (484) 565-4363

Rachael T. Brandt, PhD, Licensed Cancer Genetic Counselor

Jamie Z. Mushlin, MS, Licensed Cancer Genetic Counselor

Christina M. Nixon, MS, Licensed Cancer Genetic Counselor



WellSpan Health (717) 741-8077

Amanda Matchette, Genetic Counselor