Patient Wisdom

Patient Wisdom

Question 4: When your syndrome gets you down, how do you get inspired?


Factoid: Positive developments ARE happening in the hereditary colon cancer community. Check out our daily news posts on FaceBook.

I meditate and focus on the positive aspects of my life. - Georgia Hurst


My grandchildren pull me out of the GLOOMY days. - Paula Jackson 


Remembering I'm here now because of my diagnosis and that I am 95% as healthy as a 'normal' person. I'm lucky to know I have the condition. - Ruth


Beer usually. - Nathan Anderson


[I] talk to others with bowel disorders, vent, and cry to let it out. Afterwards, I feel better and can look forward to tomorrow. This moment may suck, but it won't last. - Jenny Jones Bay


It depends. Usually, writing helps a lot. It started with poetry, led to a blog, and then turned into a memoir. Now I plan on writing books for kids about being "different". I also enjoy sports and exercise. I film movies for my YouTube channel about conquering my disease and I enjoy helping people who are like me. - Alyssa Zeigler


I read blogs/vlogs from others in the chronically ill community to remind myself that we all have our own story, yet, I'm not the only one facing a more health-oriented one. I bake to focus on one of the positives that's come out of my diagnosis and to realize that I'm still capable of challenging myself in a non-health setting. Music helps too! - Dakota


Well, first of all, I’m a mother of three. So, I just look at my kids and know that they are the reason I keep fighting and moving forward with my life. I also think to myself that someone out there has it worse than me. - Amanda Sadowski


I think of all the things I'm able to do and try to not focus on what doesn't work well. - Linda Warner


I find ten things I am thankful for. Then, [I] get out the paper and draw something. - Tami Arnold 


I sing my heart out to my favourite songs, do something no matter if its shopping, coffee with a friend, simply speaking to my sister, or getting a hug from my dad. I also write in my diary as this gets it out of my system and I can keep going on. - Claire McIntosh


I talk to other people who are going through similar things. Sometimes their stories inspire me. Sometimes it just makes me feel less alone. - Emily Wilson


I try to keep a positive attitude. I have a good family, and a strong faith in God, that helps me to get through things that seem impossible. - Brenda Harbin


[I] think of my niece, diagnosed at 30 with stage 4 cancer. Ten years later, she is still alive and helping others. - Marcia


During my recovery from surgery in 2012, I read a book called “29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Changed my Life”. Since that time I have adopted the principals outlined in the book and it has made a world of difference for me. Rather than dwell on myself, I work to help others. It is truly inspiring and life changing! - Michelle Sutter


I really don't get down about the disease, though sometimes annoyed in the moment with butt-burn or smell of buttery popcorn [which] I must avoid. I instead feel blessed that such a dangerous condition was discovered and able to be addressed before cancer was able to gain a strong foothold. Since my diagnosis, my mindset has focused on my good fortune. - Frank Rider


I remember that it could always be worse. Yes, things get tough, things are hard, and, some days, it's a struggle to get up and live. BUT, it could always be worse and I appreciate living each day. - Charlie Henricks


I never let it get me down. "Everything has a positive outcome". I constantly tell myself that. - Theron Perkins


I look out side and try to see all the beautiful things that God created. Just being grateful I am still here for my family. I don't know when the gift could be gone. So I cherish it everyday. - Anonymous


You know, I just forget about it until something comes up. I worry more about my kids than me. - Sandy Miller


By counting my blessings! I also spend time praying for those who have it far worse. I try to focus on ideas to help others and get active both in helping them and just being physically active. Exercise is the best medicine for mind and body.  Suzanne Pilon


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