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Patient Wisdom

Question 31: What’s your best tip for colonoscopy preparation? (Humor is welcome!)


Factoid: Todd Setter, the Undy 5000 Series Director at the Colon Cancer Alliance, developed this handy 6-day guide to preparing for a colonoscopy. It is a great document from which tops can be mined, BUT, it should NOT supersede your doctor’s instructions. Be sure to consult your physician when implementing information from this guide. 

Make it a fun day! When I was younger, my parents would always buy us a small present that we could have on prep day. I eat less for like a week leading up to my prep day so that I don't have as much pooping to do. I'm not sure if this really works, but I like to think that it helps. - Anonymous


One of the perks of not having a colon is no more colonoscopy prep which, believe it or not, I've only done twice! From my limited experience, I say grab a laptop, rev up Netflix, and park your rear near your bathroom. The worst part for me was having to consume all that liquid quickly, so choose a good Crystal Light mixer! - Dakota


If you do not have a colon, and are doing an upper endoscopy or a pouchoscopy, ask your doctor about a modified prep. - Anonymous


Ha! My first one was three days clear liquid diet, two tablespoons of castor oil, and then an enema just before it. I did manage to have some cherry brandy advocaat to help down the castor oil. So, when you complain about the modern "cleaning-out", just think of castor oil - YUK!!! - Elaine Duxbury


LOL…Try not to puke! I hated all those things they made you drink. I really, really hate them. But drink a lot of fluids and having broth is a good way to get some actual nourishment while you are fasting. - Anonymous


Don't eat too much a couple days before your scope. Don't drink the prep too fast - it will make you feel nauseated. - Georgia Hurst


Personally, I prefer the miralax/gatorade combo over the gallon jug they give you at the pharmacy. In terms of enemas, I have my wife do that for me - LOL. - Brian Hanson


Moviprep!! And since I travel for my colonoscopies, I have to make sure I arrive in plenty of time to prep, as we don't want to do that on an airplane. Lastly, always have Cottonelle wipes on hand! - Brooke Porretti


Make sure your delicious prep drink is really well chilled. - Karen


Drink your cleansing drink, wear comfortable clothing sweat pants and have some one ready to drive you there and back. - Israel Gonzales, Jr


Leave your dignity at the hospital entrance and pick it up on your way out! - Claire McIntosh


Know that you'll be parked in, or by, the bathroom all day. Basically, don't make any plans. Be home at your own toilet. It's more comfortable there. - Emily Wilson


Take the TV to the bathroom with you. - Hayley Richards


Hey, I think the colonoscopy was the easiest test I've had done. Afterall, you get to sleep through that test- all the other ones I've had to have since are wide awake! Get used to giving yourself enemas prior to your GI doctor appointments! - Janet Weistock


Mag Citrate - It's the Champagne of Laxatives! And of course, too much can cause explosive results!! - Ed Minor


Make sure you are near a bathroom and wet wipes are a definite - Niki Mitchell


Follow your doctor’s instructions. Its not a biggie and is a simple procedure. Makes me laugh seeing adults begging to be knocked out, as I would beg to be kept awake and med free. - Kari


I would always keep hard candy to eat after taking a swig of that nasty prep. - Anonymous


Do not use a beverage that you like to mix your prep in, because you will never like that beverage again. - Brenda Harbin


I used to ask for the OsmoPrep pills. Doctors don't like to prescribe them often; but if you can get them, they are better than the liquid preps. - Anonymous


Do your Bowel prep. Stay close to the test room. Eat light the day before. Have a loving family member their with you. And relax. Get use to them…after a while, it gets easier! - Anonymous


Advice from my GI - I did the large bottle of medicine/flavored water (1 Gallon). He had me do half at 6pm then the second half at 2am. Although I did not get much sleep, I found it to work far better and to be less taxing than the Gatorade/Miralax approach. - Anonymous


Magazines and a laptop!!!! Cell phones are great too... keep it quiet, though!! - Michelle Sutter


Wear one before you have surgery.  They have to decide with you where to place it and get real advice on that -- a lot depends on your activity and on your body size and shape.  Be prepared to lose a  lot of weight from the organ removal.  It is so much easier than you would ever believe.  Do learn about bag deoderizer before surgery. - Sandra Redlands


Hummmm, I don't have a large bowel anymore, for about 26 years. If you really need to look at it, try HUP, maybe they will still let you scope it.  Don't puck on the nurse. - Anonymous


Do what your Dr. says, he knows best. And pretend it tastes so good, it will all be over before you know it and you'll be glad you did drink it.  - Sandy Miller

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