Patient Wisdom

Patient Wisdom

Question 30: What’s your best tip for reducing trips to the bathroom?


Factoid: is a ‘growing community of diverse individuals and families dealing with colorectal surgery.’ The bloggers and bulletin board address a wide range of topics, including tips for reducing bathroom frequency.

Make a food diary, so you can note what's giving you problems. Problematic foods are different for each of us. What is not problematic for me may be problematic for someone else. A food diary is a great way to see what's giving you issues and you can tailor your diet to suit. Keep in mind that what may give you problems early on, may not do so later. - Charlie Henricks


Small meals and staying active throughout the day. - Brian Hanson


Certain things will flow right through, like coffee and soda. Know what foods slow your output, like peanut butter and bananas. Eat slowly and the last meal should be light. - Israel Gonzales, Jr 


I try to eat carbs with every meal. I’ve learned that carbs can really help reducing trips to the bathroom. - Anonymous


Eating food that thicken your output; occasional supplementation with OTC Imodium. - Kelly Livingston


Take immodium/loperamide as needed. Eat foods slowly and chew them thoroughly. Don't eat a big meal too close to bedtime. - Anonymous Lomotil and tincture of opium. - Linda Warner


If I eat fatty foods, sugars and spicy foods, I find I have to go more often. But it doesn't stop me from eating them, I just am more aware. - Janet Weistock


Time my eating. I try not to eat large meals when away from home. - Michelle Sutter


Experiment! For me, simple carbs can slow down my digestion slightly and water consumed without food usually goes right through me. If you have something extremely important that requires minimal interruption, fasting a few hours beforehand helps. However, fasting longer has the reverse effect as there's nothing to bulk up lingering stool! - Dakota


Reduce all the gas you can - I have an ileostomy so when the pouch is 2/3 full I make a trip! - Sandra Redlands


Watch how much sugar you eat. Sometimes eating starchy foods helps "plug" me up when I have diarrhea (like potatoes, or pasta) - Morgan

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