Patient Wisdom

Patient Wisdom

Question 27: Do you adhere to a special diet? Why, and how has it helped?


Factoid: The United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA) has produced great diet/nutrition resource for people with an ostomy or other bowel diversion. 

I eat everything and my favorite thing to eat is raw fruits and vegetables. I also love salads. My snacks consist of nuts, seeds and popcorn. I chew well and drink lots of water. - Kari


[I eat] several smaller meals a day to prevent blockages and bowel obstructions. I had frequent blockages and this has helped me. - Anonymous


I eat what I can tolerate and have learned from trial and error. I try to drink things I know are healthy and measurable nutrient wise. Smoothies with protein and acai, wheatgrass shots, etc. Honestly I could easily digest desserts all day long, so tracking nutrients is key. I also have found I need electrolytes daily. - Michelle Sutter


I try to avoid foods such as popcorn and corn. I also try to avoid fatty and greasy food. These tend to make my pouch upset. - Anonymous


Some what…minimal whole/cut fruit. [I find it’s] better to pulverize or puree it. Limit high fiber. Be cognizant of transit times, as some foods process rapidly, while others don't break down more than they are chewed. Vitamins and mineral supplements are a daily addition because the rapid transit time of foods doesn’t allow my body to get the required nutrients. - Kelly Livingston


Yes, mostly vegan. It makes me feel empowered and more in control of my health. - Georgia Hurst


Yes, I have to watch what I eat. If I eat everything I want, it will go straight through me and my body aches and stomach and GI track hurts and cramps up. - Teresa Weimer


I avoid problem foods that could cause blockages and are not digested by those with no colon. - Samia Jouni


I have now that I have a Koch's Pouch; I can’t eat things with skin or much fibre. If I [do], i get blockages and end up in the hospital. I drink grape juice by the gallon, as it helps with draining the pouch. - Claire McIntosh


I’m trying to gain as much weight as possible right now. My diet is "eat whatever you can.” - Emily Wilson


There are things I can't eat that causes pain and blockages. Raw veggies bother me and lettuce gets stuck in [my] J-pouch and cause pouchitis. - Anonymous


Only insofar as limiting or avoiding foods and drink that lead to great discomfort (e.g. popcorn/corn, jalapenos/spicy peppers, tomatoes/acidic foods, beer, chocolate) and ensuring sufficient hydration. - Frank Rider


I do! I have to eat all puree food because otherwise I have terrible stomach pain. I can eat some normal food, but all fruits and veggies have to be pureed - Anonymous


I try to eat healthy as much as I can. I'm mostly gluten free, drink a lot of water, eat less red meat and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. - Alyssa Zeigler


I try to keep away from bulk foods which is extremely difficult. Much of foods are hard to digest for me so I just "deal" with it. - April Wood


Not really. I have some trigger foods that I am conscious of and try to avoid when out. However, good food is one of my sources of happiness and, consequentially, a priority. So, if I see something on a menu that I really want, I tend to go for it anyway and accept the ramifications! It's therapeutic for me to realize that I can still enjoy most food - Dakota


Pretty much a vegan - I feel more in control of my health. - Georgia Hurst


I try to stay away from foods high in polyamines due to some research I've come across. I don't eat peas, nor do I eat or drink citrus. - Brian Hanson


I worked with 6 dietitians and they all agreed that I would write [a] new chapter, as no one had ever had all the parts out at one time. My diet evolved as the ileostomy and stomach diets were opposites.  I have to weigh every week now, but it was daily.  I don't make saliva and have to drink fluids and eat salt, butter, milk, gravies, potatoes, etc. - Sandra Redlands

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