Patient Wisdom

Patient Wisdom

Question 21: How has a support group helped your physical, spiritual, or emotional health?


Factoid: Support breeds hope and hope can heal. In fact, the healing ability of HOPE is becoming more accepted and understood.,, and (Lynch Syndrome only) are three great places where you can find support.

My church had a tremendous impact on every aspect of my health. They loved me and gave me support when I was at my lowest. - Brian Hanson


Good practical ideas regarding diet and lifestyle, a sense that we are all fellow travelers with an unmatched opportunity to provide for others the same kind of support we have counted on for ourselves, and, frankly, also reinforces how fortunate I am when I see how many others bravely face far more difficult challenges and circumstances than I do. - Anonymous


I have found that I am able to learn from, AND assist, others in the numerous Facebook groups I have joined. I was diagnosed with FAP in 1988. There wasn't a whole lot of information available at that time, to my knowledge. - Betty Starr


This is a very lonely disease. Just until recently I had never even met someone outside of the family who has FAP. Facebook was my first introduction to others with the disease; it was so helpful in letting me know I wasn't alone and what to expect. I even used FB to poll others on centers to visit and, ultimately, it led me to Cleveland. - Michelle Sutter


The support groups help me to feel less alone, offer [me] advice when I need it, let me rant when required, too. Knowing someone else is going through or has gone through something similar to me, and they have gotten through, it lets me know I can, too. - Claire McIntosh


t helps me by knowing I'm not alone, by having people, who have been through the same thing, to give me advice on how they handled certain side effects, certain social issues, etc. - Emily Wilson


I know that I can go there when I'm having a bad day, or before my yearly screening, and know that there are others who are going through the same thing and will lift me up. - Lara Breunig


Online [groups] have sometimes provided tips to deal with specific physical complications and have given me a mental boost just by reading through both positive and negative stories that confirm I'm not alone and that not all outcomes are unfortunate. - Dakota


The support from the online group has been so uplifting for [my daughter’s] ability to stay positive through all she has been through. - Tiffany Costello


My support group is on Facebook; it has helped mentally and emotionally just to know you’re not alone, and to get feedback on what they do that helps them. Unfortunately, there has not been a lot of information for us, nor was I told what to expect. Hearing other stories kinda gives you a heads up. - Anonymous


It helps from a mental aspect to know that a lot of people have [the similar] concerns regarding family planning as I have. - Brooke Porretti


I think knowing others that have been there as well helps, [in] that they as well as you can share ideas and needs. - Sandra Redlands


We lift each  other up mentally spiritually [and] emotionally. They are my rock. - Anonymous


They've helped me see things more positively. Receiving a diagnosis can seem like a death sentence. They help remind me to not take one single day for granted. - Morgan

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