Patient Wisdom

Patient Wisdom

Question 20: Where do you turn for support?


Factoid:  “We get by with a little help from our friends.” - Beatles

Click here for a list of organizations that provide support to those dealing with a hereditary colon cancer condition. 

I have enjoy art therapy at the local cancer center. I was unable to find a support group for colon cancer. The support groups I tried had mostly breast cancer members. - Tami Arnold


I follow the FAP Foundation and other groups on Facebook. It's tough for me as I have a mild version of what everyone else is facing. However, I know [that] if my condition worsens, and I have to have procedures done, that there are people who I can go to for help. - Brooke Porretti


Cancer Council Victoria - an Australian not-for-profit cancer support service whom I volunteer with. They have great online nurses who have all had some experience in oncology and also have all information close at hand. - Elaine Duxbury


My wife is very supportive, and my kids are understanding. Being able to discuss matters with so many other folks who share our rare disease (in my case, via on-line resources) is a most important support in my case. - Anonymous


Online support groups. - Tiffany Probus


Family, close friends, my cat, blogs/vlogs by fellow sick chicks, a new adventure…the usual suspects as well as some unpredicted ones. Although some relationships suffer from the weight of illness, others emerge! It looks like I'm going to meet up with a professor who terrified me in college to philosophically analyze my perception of disability! - Dakota


1. Jesus Christ, 2. Family, 3. A friend of mine who has FAP. - Brian Hanson


Family and my physician have been my support. I have a wonderful husband who has become educated on the disease and is always there for me. I have not been aware of any support group for FAP. - Sandy Bunnell


My husband, online Lynch community, my pets. - Lara Breunig


My family is my biggest support system. They are fantastic and have always been more than willing to help out and visit when I am sick. Also, [there are] many support groups. - Anonymous


My family and friends are very supportive. Even though my friends don't know anyone else with my disease, they have been so supportive! - Anonymous


I turn for support to my family and friends, as well as my doctors. My parents have been incredibly supportive as well as my friends. - Anonymous


Inward. - Georgia Hurst


I talk to my wife. - Malcolm Scott


Family, friends and therapist. - Allison Brewer


My husband, my parents when they were alive, my step-sons, my sisters and brother, my doctors, my nurses, my relatives (aunts, uncles, cousins), my friends and ,most recently, I have joined support groups on Facebook. - Betty Starr


My friends with similar syndromes. - Linda Warner


Many Facebook groups and is a great place for advice or just a place to vent to those that know what you are going through. - Samia Jouni


There are websites like:,,,,, colon cancer alliance, ostomates, navigate cancer foundation, etc. - Emily Wilson


Living with FAP Facebook group. - Tiffany Costello


My family first, because my dad and 4 sisters have exactly what I do and, if they can’t help me, then I turn to a friend or someone who has been through what I am experiencing. - Melanie Hirschi


My husband! - Anonymous


My family and friends, medical team, Facebook and the [Familial Adenomatous Polyposis] Foundation. - Michelle Sutter


My team, my daughters, my friends if I am in need of someone around. If it is for medical issues I have great rapport with my primary doctor and I can always connect with the team. The online ostomy group is excellent too. - Sandra Redlands


Family and friends. - Anonymous


Friends, family, and my dog. I also go to counseling from time to time. - Morgan


My husband and a friend who has SBS. She understands some of what I'm going through because she has no small intestine.

- Whitley Buckles


My animals, books, sometimes my faith. - Kathryn Howard


We rely on each other, as there are 5 of us with the disease and we receive support from our team of doctors and nurses.

- Suzanne Pilon

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