Patient Wisdom

Patient Wisdom

Question 19: Are there any alternative medical practices you would recommend? If yes, why? 


Factoid: Can Chinese Herbal Medicine Treat Cancer? The research from Australia's University of Western Sydney and the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine says "yes."

Organic or non-gmo foods, green tea, turmeric, meditation, reduce the influence of cancer influencing stuff. - Nathan Anderson


Consider taking turmeric. It has been studied in clinical trials for patients with FAP. My grandmother is 80 and has been taking the herbal supplement for many years. She use to have duodenal polyps at every visit, but after taking the turmeric she has not had any polyps. Duodenal polyps and cancer is in the family so this is quite impressive to me. - Anonymous


Massage (different kinds of massage depending on your circumstances), acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and physiotherapy and also seek a social worker or psychologist. - Julie Scott


Personally, I think we can positively influence this disease with our daily lifestyle - diet, exercise, supplemental nutrition, counseling, etc. - Brian Hanson


I've tried all sort of things from acupuncture, reiki, cranial sacral massage, magnified healing to faith healing. I personally am a bit skeptical of their effectiveness but, there's very little risk involved in trying and the potential for immense benefits! Whatever works for you! Personally I find chocolate to be one of the best healers! - Dakota


Acupuncture, massage therapy & meditation for me personally have been an intricate part alongside conventional medicine. - Daniel Stapley


A healthy diet is always good for anyone. Also positive thinking and counseling. - Stephane Cormier


Acupuncture, for sure. - Georgia Hurst


To go along with the treatment, make sure to have nutritional services from a licensed nutritionist that deals with this condition. This is so crucial. - Emily Wilson


I have done acupuncture and massage to help with my recovery. - Brenda Harbin


Just a good massage now and then. - Lara Breunig


Try taking natural curcumins, turmerics and so on. Can't hurt. - Charlie Henricks


Yoga for gentle exercise and relaxation. - Jenny Jones Bay


I am taking Turmeric and doing acupuncture. I figure it is worth a try. - Allison Brewer


Herbal medicines. - Israel Gonzales, Jr


*One study suggests that curcumin, found in turmeric, contributed to iron defficiency in mice with diets low in iron.


Acupuncture, massage therapy [and] essential oil. Acupuncture helps with pain and migraines. Message therapy [helps with] stress, migraines, and muscle joint pain. Essential oils help [our] overall wellbeing - Anonymous


(Some) Yoga is great for GI problems, and anxiety! Regular exercise of some sort is also great for stress relief. Massages are great, too! - Morgan

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