New York Medical Providers

The following medical providers have experience treating families with hereditary colon cancer syndromes. ​We cannot make recommendations about specific physicians, attest to the credentials of these providers, nor do we evaluate their competency to practice. Furthermore, their inclusion on this website, or any referral to a provider from the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation, should not be considered an endorsement of any type. 


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Ferre Institute - St Peter's Cancer Center (888) 483-3773

Lindsey Morse, Senior Genetic Counselor



Ferre Institute (607) 724-4308

Erin Houghton, Associate Director, Genetic Counselor


Briarcliff Manor

Northern Westchester Hospital (914) 944-8202

Nancy Cohen, MS, Certified Genetic Counselor



Brooklyn Campus of the VA New York Harbor Healthcare System (718) 836-6600

Thomas Weber, MD, FACS, Chief of Surgery, Surgical Oncologist



Roswell Park Cancer Institute (716) 845-8400

Mollie Hutton, Certified Genetic Counselor

June Mikkelson, Certified Genetic Counselor

Nicoleta Voian, MD, Oncologist


Lake Success

Northwell Health Cancer Institute (516) 734-8850

Sharona Cohen, MS, Certified Genetic Counselor


Mount Kisco

Northern Westchester Hospital (914) 242-7649

Nancy Cohen, MS, Certified Genetic Counselor


New Hartford

Ferre Institute (315) 724-4348

Luba Djurdjinovic, Program Director, Genetic Counselor 


New Hyde Park

North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System (855) 858-8550

Sharona Cohen MS CGC, Director, Clinical Cancer Genetic Counseling

Ravi Sharaf, MD, MS, Gastroenterologist


New York

Columbia University (212) 305-2862

Ilana Cilton, Genetic Counselor

Fay Kastrinos, MD, Gastroenterologist

Elana Levinson, Certified Genetic Counselor

Mary Kay Dabney, Genetic Counselor


Maimonides Cancer Center (718) 765-2547

Flora Poleshchuk, Genetic Counselor


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (646) 888-4050

Margaret Sheehan, Licensed Genetic Counselor

Jose G. Guillem, MD, FACS, Colorectal Surgeon

Arnold J. Markowitz, MD, Gastroenterologist

Rupa Sood, MSc, Colorectal Surgeon

Liying Zhang, MD, PhD, Molecular Geneticist


Mount Sinai Medical Center (800) 637-4624

Steve Itzkowitz, MD, Gastroenterologist

Emily Soper, Senior Genetics Counselor


New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center (212) 746-4014

Divya Gupta, MD, Gynecological Oncologist

Kevin Holcomb, MD, Gynecological Oncologist

Fay Kastrinos, MD, Gastroenterologist

Elana Levinson, Genetic Counselor

Steven Lipkin, MD, PhD, FACMG, Geneticist

Kevin Morissey, MD, Gastrointestinal Surgeon

Felice Schnoll-Sussman, MD, Gastroenterologist

James Smith, MB, BCH, Gastrointestinal Surgeon

Amir Soumekh, MD, Gastroenterologist

Francesca Tubito, Genetic Counselor


VA New York Harbor Healthcare System (212) 686-7500

Thomas Weber, MD, FACS, Chief of Surgery, Surgical Oncologist



Dyson Cancer Center (845) 431-6837

Jonathan Clyman, Senior Genetic Counselor


Health Quest (845) 483-6667

Mariana Niell-Swiller, Genetic Counselor



NewYork-Presbyterian Queens (718) 670-1322

Bonnie Federman, Genetic Counselor

Danielle Gelb, MS, Certified Genetic Counselor



Genetic Counseling Services (888) 260-6543

Bonnie Liebers, Board Certfied Genetic Counselor


Staten Island

Florina Rusi-Marke Comprehensive Breast Center Northwell Health (718) 226-6230

Avery E. Miller, MS, Certified Genetic Counselor


Staten Island University Hospital (718) 226-6230

Avery E. Miller, MS, Cancer Genetic Counselor



Upstate University Hospital (315) 464-6395

Bonnie Braddock, Certified Genetic Counselor


West Islip

Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center, Clinical Genetic Counseling Service (631) 376-4050

Melanie A Charles, Certified Genetic Counselor

Amanda Laterza Ozarowski, Certified Genetic Counselor