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The Future of Genetic Testing

The onset of multi-gene panel testing (MPT) brings with it both benefits and the risk of potential knowledge gaps. Due to the phenotypic overlap, hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes can be ideal conditions to consider a MPT. MPT is a great tool for diagnosing these syndromes. However, the results can potentially be complex and can have significant implications for the proband and his or her family. Medical professionals have a responsibility to remain abreast of advances in genetic testing, as well as the resources available to them and their patients.



This webinar will prepare medical professionals to make informed decisions regarding utilization and selections of multi-panel genetic testing in clinical practice. We will specifically cover:


  • Choosing between single-gene testing versus multi-panel testing

  • Knowledge to distinguish the available panel testing options

  • Pros and Cons of utilizing multi-panel testing

  • Current NCCN suggested guidelines

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive genetic testing and counseling plan which incorporates multi-panel testing!

  • Interpreting negative test results, variants of uncertain significance, and unanticipated findings

  • When to refer to a specialist

  • How to work with a center of excellence

  • Benefits of working with a genetic counselor

  • Cancer genetic testing resources for providers and patients



Target Audience


Clinicians, including primary care physicians and gastroenterologists, physician assistants, and certified gastroenterology registered nurses interested in enhancing their knowledge of polyposis conditions; colorectal surgeons interested in broadening their understanding of polyposis conditions and how they relate to bowel diversions; basic and translational researchers and fellows in the fields of gastroenterology and gastrointestinal oncology; genetic counselors who provide care to patients with polyposis conditions or are interested in expanding their scope of care to genetic bowel cancers.


Course Presenters




Learning Outcomes


At the conclusion of this webinar, participants will be able to:


  • Distinguish between genetic testing options, including single- and multi-gene panel testing.

  • Medical professionals will be able to recognize when multi-panel genetic testing could be included in their patients’ care plan.

  • Medical professionals will be able to accurately interpret and incorporate NCCN guidelines for multi-panel genetic screening of HCCS patients.

  • Medical professionals will be able to develop a comprehensive testing approach to implement in their practice.

  • Medical professionals will know how to coordinate patient care with a specialist or a center for excellence and access available cancer genetic testing resources.



Registration Information


6 Part Webinar Series: $40*



CEU Information



The National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) has authorized the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation to offer up to 0.6 CEUs or 6.0 contact hours (Category 1) for Preparing to Treat Polyposis Conditions. The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) will accept CEUs earned at this program for the purposes of certification and recertification. 


     *At the time of registration, a one time $25 fee will be added for the individual's application         to the NSGC for CEUs. 



Refund Policy


Registration fees cover the cost of CEUs, production and promotion of the webinar series. Proceeds benefit the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation. If you would like to receive a refund, please email 24 hours prior to the first webinar(s) start time. Refunds will exclude a 10% processing fee.




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