Potential Costs for Genetic Testing

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What is the cost of genetic testing, and how long does it take to get the results?


The cost of genetic testing depends on the nature and complexity of the test, and whether more than one test is needed. Although the costs of genetic tests have been declining, genetic testing for hereditary colon cancer syndromes ranges from under $400 to over $5,000. It may take a week to several months to receive test results. The doctor or genetic counselor who orders the test should provide specific information about the cost and time frame associated with that test.


Will health insurance cover the costs of genetic testing?


Most health insurance plans cover the costs of genetic testing if it is medically necessary and recommended by your healthcare provider. Eligibility for coverage may be determined by specific criteria set by your plan or according to specific guidelines. The medical provider who orders the test can assist with the process of verifying coverage.


Many of the laboratories that offer genetic testing have customer service departments that will help to verify your insurance coverage for a test. If you have difficulty getting your insurance to cover your test, or if you do not have insurance, ask your medical care provider to contact the test laboratory on your behalf. Often these companies provide patient support.


For more information, visit the American Cancer Society’s page “Genetic Testing: What You Need to Know”.





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* Information used to develop this page was sourced from the Genetics Home Reference and reviewed by the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation's Patient Education Team.