Free Prescription Discount Card


Save up to 65% on your prescription drugs with a free Rx Discount Card. WellCardRx is a prescription discount program for the uninsured and underinsured. This plan is not insurance. Savings are based on per script basis at the time of inquiry and are not guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is this insurance or an insurance type program?

A. No. This is not insurance.


Q: Is there a monthly fee or a registration fee for this program?

A: No. The card is made available to you at no cost.


Q: How soon can I use my card to start saving money?

A: Your card is active as soon as you receive it.


Q: Is everyone in my household covered?

A: Yes. Your card is valid for all individuals living at the same address.


Q: Is my information kept private?

A: Yes. All venders protect HIPAA & privacy rights.


Q: Will the pharmacist check discounts on more than one card or program each time I buy a prescription?

A: Yes. Present your card every time you go to buy a prescription. Since drug prices change frequently, you may be able to save on a drug today that you didn't save on last month. 


Q: Can I go to any pharmacy?

A: Your discount card is accepted at over 59,000 locations nationwide. Check online for a participating pharmacy near you.


Please note, while we advocated for this service on behalf of our community, the Foundation does NOT receive benefits as a result of patient enrollment. 


Click HERE to become a member and receive instructions for obtaining this card.