We are extremely excited to offer 'A Patient's Guide to FAP.' This guide has been a long time in the making. Growing up with FAP, I have been witness to family members frustrated by the lack of patient friendly resources to describe this condition. Just because FAP is complex does not mean that the information families and care-givers receive has to be!


My goal in writing this guide was that my father, who didn't graduate from high school, would be able to understand the important facts of FAP. My hope is that those who speak english as a second language will find the information accessible. In the end, we should all be able to use this guide as a starting point for conversations with children, siblings, parents, and medical professionals.


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- Travis H. Bray, PhD, Previvor, Founder and Executive Director


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A Patient's Guide to FAP

The development of this guide was made possible through an unrestricted grant from Myriad Genetics Laboratories, Inc.