Review your Family History to PREVENT Cancer!

Did you know that learning your family risk, and following recommended screening guidelines, significantly reduces your chances of developing cancer. In fact, for some syndromes like familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP), early detection and preventative surgery can reduce your risk of colon cancer from 100% down to 0%!


The following resources will help you assess your family risk. We encourage everyone to assess your family history using one of the following tools. Then share your results with your medical team. 


Click HERE to read patient advice on speaking to reluctant family members.


Toolkit for Creating a Family History - from the Utah Department of Health


​Does it Run in the Family - from Genetic Alliance​


If you are a clinician, the Polyposis Clinic Note Tool Kit, created by Dr. Douglas Riegert-Johnson of the Mayo Clinic - Florida, will support your patient assessment.


Click HERE to learn more about genetic testing. 


Click HERE to learn more about genetic counseling.