Eric Charsky's Story

"The worst I have ever seen..."

When the doctor came in the room, speaking these words, handing Eric his diagnosis of progressive cancer extending from esophagus to rectum, Eric had a simple, however machismo-laden, reply...

"I broke another record. Cool...let's do this."

That sounds implausible and incredulous if you have never met Eric. But meet him just once, and talk to him, and you will come away with the sense that cancer and F.A.P. is really not that big of a deal. And in the context of his life, it isn't!

Prior to his diagnosis, he had already survived drowning at age 2 and defibrillation at age 15. He survived the rigorous training commensurate with being an Army Ranger and the arduous military missions that followed.

You want to talk about resilience and constitution? Let him walk you through what it is like to impact the Earth at speeds of over 50 MPH when his primary and secondary parachutes failed to function, and walk away with but a fractured vertebrae in his lower back.

His story of diagnosis of colon cancer and F.A.P. is one commonly heard. His story of going from an Army Ranger to Cancer Ranger is not. It would have been understandable if cancer was the coup de grâce for Eric. If he would have said, "That's it...I'm done!" It would have been enough if he just refused to give up and returned to his active lifestyle - triathlons,  marathons and competitive regatta sailing.

But while F.A.P. may be part of Eric's DNA, stopping short of spectacular is not. He is active in cancer organizations like Imerman's Angels and the LiveSTRONG Foundation. He has also entwined his life changing events - being an army veteran and cancer survivor - with his passion for sailing to start Volontie1 - a foundation with a mission to take military veteran cancer patients on sailing excursions.

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