Hereditary Colon Cancer Family Day

October 22, 2016

Buffalo, NY

Roswell Park Cancer Institute, our HCC Family Day partner!

Breakfast is served!

Travis Bray and June Mikkelson welcome the crowd.

Guests of Honor: Suzanne Pilon and Shauna Monagan share their family’s story.

From the photo album of the Monagan-Pilon-Achter family.

Travis Bray thanks Shauna Monagan for sharing her inspiring story.

The wound ostomy incontinence nurse brought some interesting educational tools!

Thanks to Hollister for offering education and samples to our guests!

Colon Cancer Alliance wants you to protect your assets.

Shawnie Bray chats with the Myers clan.

Kevin Myers, one of our favorite ambassadors, chats with exhibitors.

Travis Bray deeply engrossed in a conversation about Lynch syndrome.

Dr. Nurkin greets the Pilon clan.

June Mikkelson (second from left) poses with the Pilon clan.

Break time conversations.

Educated families are empowered families!

Tai Chi - Good for what ails you!

Keeping the little ones happy and engaged!

Resources abound on HCCF’s exhibit table.

 Thank you to June Mikkelson, CGC and her awesome team at Roswell Park Cancer Institute for hosting an amazing experience!


Please enjoy these presentations. We hope you find them useful in your journey.

Click on a photo to download slides.


A welcome address provided byTravis H. Bray, PhD.

"Genetics Overview", presented by Mollie K. Hutton, Certified Genetic Counselor, Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

"Nutrition for Altered Bowels", presented by Jennifer Klock, MS, RD, CDN, Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Managing Polyposis, presented by Steven Nurkin, MS, MD, FACS, Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Lynch Syndrome Part I, presented by Amanpal Singh, MD, MS, Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Managing Lynch Syndrome Part II, presented by Stacey N Akers, MD, Roswell Park Cancer Institute.


Family Communication presented by Karen Hurley, Ph.D., Rosewell Cancer Institute.

Qulity Care for Your Family presented by June Mikkelson, MS, CGC, Roswell Park Cancer Institute