Brazil Medical Providers

The following medical providers have experience treating families with hereditary colon cancer syndromes. ​We cannot make recommendations about specific physicians, attest to the credentials of these providers, nor do we evaluate their competency to practice. Furthermore, their inclusion on this website, or any referral to a provider from the Hereditary Colon Cancer Foundation, should not be considered an endorsement of any type. 


If you do not see​ providers ​near you, we can still help. Click​ HERE for names of​ genetic​ counselors who offer phone and web-based counseling. Or, if you give us some information about yourself and/or your family member(s), and tell us where you are located, we will do our best to find someone near you. Click HERE to contact us.

If you are a ​provider, experienced in treating patients with Hereditary Colon Cancer Syndromes, click ​HERE to register.

Belo Horizonte

Federal University of Minas Gerais (31) 2105-8000

Sergio Pena, PhD, Medical Geneticist



Magda LuzMD, PhDColorectal Surgeon


Porto Alegre

Hospital de Clinicas (51) 3359-8000

Patricia Prolla, MD, PhD, FACMG


Sao Paulo

AC Camargo Cancer Center (11) 2189-5000

Maria Achatz, MD, MSc, PhD, ISCGG, ICRETT, UICC, Oncologist

Samuel Aguiar Jr., PhD, Surgical Oncologist

Dirce Carraro, PhD

Fabio Ferreira, MD, WFSOS, SBCP, SBCO, GBETH, TCBCSurgical Oncologist

Lillian Yuri Kumagai, MD, MSc, Gynecological Oncologist

Silvia RogattoPhD


Hospital de Cancer de Barretos (17) 3321 6600

Edenir Palmero, PhD, Molecular Oncologist


Hospital Sirio Libanes (11) 3394-0200

Anamaria Camargo, PhD, Molecular Oncologist

Renata Coudry, MD, PhD, ICESP, CRM, Oncologist

Raul Cutait, MD, PhD, Surgeon

Erika Santos, PhD, RN, MSc, Oncologist


Unifesp-Epm & Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein 55 11 2151-1233

Fernanda Lima, MD, PhD, Clinical Geneticist


University of Sao Paulo

Fabio Campos, PhD, Gastroenterologist and Colorectal Surgeon

Paulo Hoff, MD, PhD, Oncologist



Hospital Infantil Nossa Senhora da Gloria -HINSG 

Hector Yuri Conti Wanderley, MD, SBGM, Medical Geneticist